More About Danielle

Danielle began blogging at the ripe age of sixteen when she realized that her personal journal was consistently being read by her parents. Mainly, it was a place to discuss her teenage angst and crushes. Since then, it’s evolved into her own little corner of the internet where she writes about dealing with depression, her kids, and any other topics she has an opinion about.

She has a the mouth of a sailor, and the heart of a wise old woman who will smack your hand if you touch her freshly baked cookies. You’ll usually find her tweeting about everything and anything on Twitter, because she has no filter. When she’s not oversharing, she’s usually playing with her kids or watching terrible television. One day she hopes to write the great Canadian Novel.

Danielle is a self-proclaimed feminist, and tries to be an attachment parent (whatever that means, she says). According to her family, she’s the heathen who no longer believes in god and left the Mormon church. They would like it if she didn’t talk about it so much. She can read a good book in three hours, if her kids don’t need a zillion things. She loves a lively discussion about political happenings, saying the word fuck, and drinking too much coffee. She may or may not need to be in some sort of treatment program for her addiction to her iPhone.

She is absolutely not sarcastic.

About “The Hubby”

Danielle’s husband is one of those annoying people who everyone loves. He has an incredible memory for things like Family Guy trivia, anything that Seth MacFarlane says, and all things hockey. He listens to hockey way too loud, but says it enhances the game. You will never see him reading a book, because he would rather cut his fingers off, one by one (his words). He grew up in a small town, where they played road hockey until a car came down the street…which was rarely.

He makes a mean grilled cheese, likes to pretend he’s a goalie and drinks more coffee than the average human should consume. He is a great father, a loyal friend, and a sweet husband. The Hubby used to curl; one time he scored an eight ender, and you should know, that’s a very big deal.  He likes to plan video game tournaments, and the rest of us like to tease him for his nerdism.

Unfortunately, he likes Nickelback. No one can apologize for this travesty enough. His taste in music is a point of contention in the marriage.

About Them 

Being anything but normal, they made their family backwards, which has worked out well for them. Baby then the marriage, which Danielle swears she only did to appease her family, and stop the incessant phone calls (See above: sarcasm). In the beginning, it took a bit for The Hubby to get the hint that Danielle would like to hold his hand and stuff.  He invited her on a date to “watch” two crappy movies. He put on his moves, and the rest is history.

They have been together for eight years, and you can find them bickering over who used the last of the coffee cream or who stole the socks. The Hubby is always accusing Danielle of doing things like hogging the blankets, or rolling her eyes too much, none of which are accurate accusations.

They were married on March 22nd 2008, by an ex-Mormon in a library in Edmonton. Later they found out that the name of the first building they lived in was also named the same as the place they got married: Some call it fate, they call it weird. They’ve  never been on a honeymoon, though it’ll happen one day, if he manages to get over his fear of flying. They share a love of dirty jokes, morbid TV shows and planning what they would do in the instance of a Zombie Apocalypse  They are that annoying couple that can finish each other’s sentences and look pretty damn cute doing it.

Speaking of cute, they procreated, and had some babies….

About The Littles 

Potato was born on a cold December morning, and he was henceforth known as Mr Potato. He was tiny, quiet, and totally italian, including the hair all over his little body. His first word was cracker, and he learned to walk when he was nine months old. He is sensitive, and anxious, curious and emotional. He has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, as well as some mild anxiety issues. Potato likes to snuggle, talk about dinosaurs obsessively, boss his little sister around and eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

Girlie is the opposite of Potato in every way. She was born on a hot June morning, and she let the world know she was here. You’ll often find her waving her finger at you, hands on her hips, telling you what’s what. She loves her brother, cats, and saying, “I huf you too”. When she’s not chasing the dogs, or being attached to her brother’s shadow, you can find her singing or dancing to her own beat. Please, she asks, don’t hold your applause.

The Kiddo


Throughout this blog, you’ll see mention of “The Kiddo” whom is Danielle’s first born son who was relinquished through adoption. This nickname actually came to fruition during Danielle’s pregnancy. When she began blogging about her adoption experience, it was a natural decision to use this nickname to maintain his privacy, as well as his family’s.

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