Originally, Another Version of Mother begun as a safe haven for Danielle Barnsley-Cervo to pen and voice her experiences as a birthmother in an adoption. During that time, and prior, she maintained a personal blog that showcased her daily life with her family at Tales From The Mamaside. The separation of the two felt necessary for various reasons, but mostly, because she was still quite closeted about her adoption experience.

As her adoption evolved, so did she. Where she once believed that her daily life and her adoption were two separate identities, she began to see how closely adoption impacted her role as a mother to her two parented children, her relationships, and her life in general. After much consideration, she decided that Another Version of Mother was still the perfect place to curate all facets of her life.

Danielle is married, with two lovely children, and another that she relinquished over a decade ago in an adoption guided by LDSFS.  Over the years she has found herself in various volunteer positions, most recently as a Leader for La Leche League Canada (although she is now retired from that role).  Her writing has been feature several times on BlogHer, and she has been featured in Birthing  Magazine.

You will find a wide variety of topics in this blog from overcoming domestic violence, childhood abuse, dealing with childhood anxiety, and of course, adoption. She hopes that her voice helps those who have struggled in those areas will lend support to those who have struggled, or who are advocating for social change.


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