Four Random and One “Scandalous” Fact About Me

My lovely, fabulous friend Phyllis, (who met George Takai the other day, OMG) tagged  me for in an old school meme of sorts. Five Random Things About Me? Why, sure, if you insist!


RANDOM1. I drink my coffee black. Sort of like my heathen heart, I guess? Black means no calories. Black means more caffeine (maybe? Don’t tell me it doesn’t).  Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve developed a dairy intolerance. We won’t discuss that because that’s gross.

2. I’ve never taken a single swimming lesson. Never. Not one. I grew up with those plastic floatie devices, and swimming a lot at a local beach in Ontario (another fun fact! I’m from Ontario, not Alberta). I actually love swimming, aside from the whole having to wear a bathing suit thing. Yeah, that part, I hate.

3. When I drink too much, I totally talk like Shoshanna from Girls. I’m fast talking, upward inflection, ridiculous anecdotes about nothing, and the attention span of a gnat. It is really funny, and totally throws a lot of people off because I don’t talk like that AT ALL normally- hello, INFJ! I also like to talk almost completely in song lyrics, and see how long it takes people around me to notice.

4. Speaking of Girls, which also reminds me of sex, one time, a long time ago, I was in a threesome. Anyone who knew me then likely knows the details (because it was such a piece of scandal…yawn), but that’s not  important. All you need to know: It was messy, and awesome, and totally consensual. I’d definitely highly recommend if the circumstances allow, because it really was a great, empowering sexual moment for me as a woman. Mostly because it was consensual, safe and sort of mind-blowing. Sex is awesome.

5.  I’ve admitted it before, but I’ll do it again. I’m terrified of ducks. This isn’t a joke. Stop laughing at me. The struggle is real. Ducks are pecky little fuckers that go from OMGSOCUTE to ZOMGTOEBITING in ten seconds. All of the nope.  I do not like ducks (Canadian Geese? NOPE). In fact, most birds sort of creep me out. I also have a fear of stairs, specifically going down them. This is due to the fact that I fall down them, frequently. ESCALATOR, PLEASE.

So, now you know me a little better. You should totally share your own Five Random Facts on your own blog, or right here in the comments. Because, FUN!


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