Like, Literally.

Still in my post BlogHer ’14 haze, I led my family through the grocery store to pick up some necessities. It wasn’t much different than any other trip; I was pulling the cart from the front, directing my husband as I weaved expertly in and out of the aisles, only talking over my shoulder to ask if we had this or that. Normally, I’d go on my own, but since I hadn’t been home for a few days, I needed my husband’s assistance. Girlie  was snug and tight in the cart seat because she likes to run around and touch all of the things. Potato was wandering behind us, looking for things he could present to us and ask, “Can I get this?”  He knew the answer was usually no, but it never stopped him from trying.

After much debate in the freezer aisle, I finally just grabbed the vanilla ice cream and said we’d find some toppings. I was met with a chorus of “Awwww” and “BUT! I wanted that one!” Ignoring the protests, I directed the cart back toward the end of the aisle, when I heard Potato ask,

“Are those huge cans of iced tea, Mama?!” He was both incredulous and unsure. If he could subsist on iced tea alone, he would.

“Yes, they are. Now come on, we need to go…”

“Mama. You just blew my head off!”

I paused, and then I turned around to face my family.

“Did you hear what he said?” I asked my husband.

He shook his head no, he’d been discussing the toppings Girlie could have because she was distraught over the fact that there had been no strawberry ice cream.

“Potato, what did you say?”

“YOU BLEW MY HEAD OFF!” His brown eyes danced mischievously, proudly. He was dead serious. In his mind he’d just executed a sentence that he’d heard my husband or myself use before. Both the kids were starting to repeat common sentences in our household, a reminder to both my husband and I that we needed to watch our mouths.

In the middle of WalMart, holding onto the end of that cart, I bent over and began laughing, hysterically.

“Do you….ahem…mean blew your mind?” I asked, laughing tears falling out of the corners of my eyes.

“Oh no way, Mama. It like, literally, blew my head off.”

Now my husband was laughing too.


“Yes, literally.”

We managed to calm ourselves, and continue our shopping trip, but not before Girlie looked at us with all the annoyance she could,

“You guys is so weird.”

Image Credit: Cheryl VanStane

One thought on “Like, Literally.

  1. Haha! Kids are hilarious. It’s amazing what they pick up on. The other day, I made a explosion noise to my Hubs about something that was driving me crazy. Misinterpreting what I meant, Q looked at me and said “Mind. BLOWN!” Love that you’re capturing these moments!

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