2013: Explore

Instead of resolutions, I opted to go with a word for 2013. I thought about it over New Year’s Eve, and the next morning it sort of just hit me.


One of my goals for my 30 by 30 list is to say yes more. That has led me to explore avenues I never thought possible. It’s led me to actually explore nature, to swim across a lake, to spend more time with loved ones. Saying yes is essentially a form of exploring.

It also applies to my journey to a better mental health. I’m exploring the ways that I can get better, that I can heal, and that I can move on. I am exploring the ways I can write about my story, and possibly help others find their own voice.

With the likelihood of a move in the upcoming month, our family will be exploring a new city together. It will be an adventure to move from our comfort zone that is full of support, and is so very familiar to us. We’ll be able to trek around a new neighborhood, and learn about the local community.

More importantly, this year, I want to be positive, and I think that the word explore is as positive as it gets. When I say the word, I can’t think of anything negative. In my mind all I see is more opportunities for growth, for optimism, and for exciting adventures. This word sums up the sort of year I want to have, the sort of changes I want to see, and inspires me to

So here’s to 2013, the year of EXPLORE.

Did you choose a word for 2013? What is it and why?


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