My Gift To You: What Your Kitchen Would Look Like With 2kg of Flour In It

I’m surprised that I’ve never blogged about this picture, because it’s pretty ridiculously awesome. Since it’s my birthday weekend, and I like to share, I thought I would give you the gift of my favorite photo ever. You are welcome.

Anyone remember that video with the Mom who walked into her living room to find flour everywhere? Well, I had a discussion with an on air radio personality here via Facebook about how we all thought it was fake. In the video she walks around saying “Oh my God” over and over and over. I said that if it was me my reaction would not be to pull out my phone and record. 
Oh but I didn’t really know how amazing it is when your child manages to dump a whole bag of flour all over the house. Because, it is amazing. It’s a marvel. 
Last year, it was a Sunday, and I was at work. My day at work was going quite terribly, and I was all around ready to down a couple bottles of wine for fun.
So The Hubby was on his own with the kids. Who, by the way, are awesome kids, and totally don’t get into crazy shenanigans like this all the time. If I’m recalling right, Potato was in his baking obsession phase, and hadn’t quite caught onto the whole “pretend” play part of it. During naptime that year, I found him with maple syrup and cornstarch all over his room. All over his room. I stopped watching any cooking shows while he was around. 
Anyway, The Hubby failed to keep the one cardinal rule when you shower while looking after kids- do not, ever, no matter how bad you want to, close the door. Especially if they can co-conspirate together, or encourage one to do questionable, but fun activities in your absence.  He closed the door. He closed.the.door.
And this happened: 
In case you are wondering, they showered my kitchen with almost the entire contents of a 2kg bag of flour.  Not only were they removing it from the bag, but they were throwing it, in an attempt to recreate snow. It was literally, everywhere. Everywhere.  Last week, I was cleaning our fridge, and I found more flour in the cracks of the door. I’m sure when we move, we’ll find more. I cannot begin to stress how much flour is in a 2kg bag. It’s a lot. Especially when it’s all over your house. 
Needless to say, I still find it hilarious. The Hubby on the other hand still has some sort of residual trauma from the whole ordeal. So I share it with you, so you can laugh with me and remember to lock the cupboard where you store your flour. 
You’ll thank me later, I promise. 

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