WIWW: Rocky Horror Picture Show

I feel like the rebel of the group, because I keep straying from the themes. Nonetheless, on Halloween, I don’t generally dress up, which as I write this, seems sort of sad. Maybe next year I’ll come up with something awesome for all of us to dress up as.

Anyway, so my outfit isn’t too spooky. Since we’ll be out braving the cold, I’ll be wearing layers, drinking a thermos of coffee, and wondering if the feeling will ever go back in my nose. Why didn’t we notice those things when we were kids?

Instead, I present to you, my outfit, from a couple of weeks ago, for Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Never gone?  You need to see this movie, it will change your life. I would never joke about something as serious as this. Unless you are ultra-conservative and the idea of men in drag, fellatio, and sex make you queasy. None of those things are not awesome, by the way. Especially when they are in a musical. And include aliens.

The University here, put on a LIVE show, and I am not quite sure the movie will ever be the same again. No, I know it won’t.

I went with a bunch of RHPS virgins, which scared me and delighted me all at once.  i wisely told them to dress up, preferably in costumes from the movie. In the end, it saved them having a scarlett V written on their forehead by the cast members mingling in the audience pre-show. Because if you dress up, you’ve clearly seen the movie.  I dressed up as Magenta, complete with maid costume, fishnets, boots, and some awesome makeup to make me look even paler than usual.

And then, there was the hair. Oh, the hair. My hair was up in a messy ponytail/bun all day, and had been slept on, and worn the previous day. So when I took it out to go shower, I realized, that my hair was pretty much perfect. What’s a girl to do? Backcomb the ever-loving crap out of it, of course! So I did. Add hairspray, and voila, you have crazy Magenta hair. I

My Mother In Law, who attended the show, (yes, I went to RHPS with my Mother in Law), thought it was a wig at first, and then cringed when she realized it was my hair. I told her I expected it to be like that for a week.

And I was right.

Next week, the theme is “red”, because it’s my birthday and junk. So join us, if only to celebrate the day of my birth. But for now, please tell me: What did you wear this Wednesday?


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