#wiww: Celeb Style

This week on #wiww, we have Celeb Style, or as I like to call it, “A Great Theme, But Since I can’t Buy All the Dresses on Mod Cloth (or even one), I Failed.”

I’ve been told that I am wordy, and I think that title alone just proves it.

Of course, I attempted to recreate  Zooey Deschanel’s style. Mainly because I have the biggest girl crush on her ever, and also because her style is awesome. Like an amazing cardigan awesome. Awesome. But I sort of failed for a number of reasons. Between The Hubby’s stressful interview, my visit with the psych (which of course, I will delight you with later), and the inability to order awesome clothing fast from above mentioned store, I failed. Or maybe I didn’t. You be the judge.

I paired a basic white v-neck t-shirt with a black tank top underneath to hide the girls from too much exposure. Then I wore my awesome royal blue boyfriend khakis. I was going to go cardigan-less (gasp!) but  the cold weather convinced me otherwise. So I grabbed a black, bland, no shape cardigan and gave the outfit another pop with a chunky red belt. Paired with my awesome shoes, and I was good to go.

I’m pretty sure I missed the point of this week, because as I see pictures going up, I feel a little less inspired. Maybe I just need a wardrobe overhaul. I do need a mirror in my room, maybe we should start there.

Next week promises to be easier, as the theme is Something Borrowed. And I already have my Something Borrowed stashed away.

Tell me, what did you wear this Wednesday?


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