Girlie Turns Two.

Oh little Girlie, where have the last two years gone?

I still remember being pregnant with you, having my Blessingway with wonderful friends and family. I still remember going into labor, and wondering if you would be a boy or a girl. I still remember the shock in my voice when they announced you were a girl.

Like it was all yesterday.

I’ll say this over and over, for the rest of your life probably, but you are a spirited, intelligent, feisty girl. You know what you want and you are determined to do it on your own. You love your brother, and have since the first time you laid eyes on him. What you lack in weight and height, you make up with your big personality, quick wit, and infectious laughter. You are friendly, and funny. Cute and affectionate, independent yet loving. You hate the doctor, but will still flirt and show off. You love Blue and Bella almost to the point of suffocating them both, and you have to know where everyone is all times, or you race around the house going, “Are you Daddy/Mommy/Tayo?!”

You are two now, and I’m already seeing the beginning stages of the mythical “terrible two’s”. I thought I’d be stretched as far as I could be as a Mother, and that I was now a pro, but it seems, that I have not, and you prove that to me every day.

On your second birthday, your brother burst into your room, singing happy birthday as you gleefully yelled his name. You spent the day fighting playing with each other, and convincing me to be the bad guy while played dinosaurs. We sang happy birthday, and you got mad about the candles being lit, doing your amazingly cute and hilarious angry face.

The next day we celebrated with family. When we tell you we are going to Grandma and Grandpa’s, you always yell, “Yaaaaay” while you do a little fist pump. We had a BBQ, a cake and this time, after candles, you realized it meant attention and fun, so we had to light the candles about half a dozen times more. Potato helped you open all your presents, but you didn’t mind at all. You ate several pieces of cake, and then passed out on our drive home, only after you sang to us and made sure that we were in the car.

We are blessed to have you in our life. So blessed.

Happy 2nd Birthday Girlie! Mama loves you.

Actually, we all love you. A lot.


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