The Cat In The Hat knows how to party!

I don’t know about anyone else, but as the last birthday ends, I begin starting of the theme my child will want for their next birthday. Sometimes, nothing comes together, like the year I was newly pregnant, and morning sickness was my mortal enemy. But most years, I plan and plan and plan.

Potato loves the PBS kid’s show, The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That, (did you know Martin Short is the voice of The Cat? New appreciation over here!) He has recently taken a love to all things Dr Seuss, which warms my reading heart. I adore a good Dr Seuss book like no other, I mean, who doesn’t? So it seemed only appropriate that we do a Cat in The Hat Theme party!

It ended up being a little more challenging then I would have liked; all of the party items had to come from online, something that is easy and frustrating all at once. The bad? I found multiple online vendors who sold Dr Seuss items, but the shipping price tag would have meant forfeiting Christmas for some mildly cute Dr Seuss items. Then of course, there was the worry of the items making it in time, or not being held at the border for some ridiculous amount of time, or high duty charges, if they imposed them. Local would have been nicer, way nicer.

The good? I found exactly what I wanted without having to my kids from store to store in the cold, and test their patience, and mine.

Since all of my finds were online, I share them willingly with you. This honestly was such a fun theme  to use; I loved the funky colors, and the overall uniqueness of it. While I could have done way more, added more DIY projects and probably used less Etsy vendors, I am happy with what we ended up with. Just enough for a 4 year old, I think.

Location: Local 5pin Bowling Alley, by request of the birthday boy.

Our house is small, and it’s outgrowing social events. So we ended a location to host said birthday, and Potato requested that we go bowling. While the service there was slow, and the staff were grumpy, having it there made my life much, MUCH easier. I had cake to prep, loot bags to prep, and then general items to bring over. Nothing more. No 4am scrubbing of the house, and getting up at 6am to start cooking for the event. There was no post party clean up which is sometimes worse then pre-party cleanup. It was quick, simple, and other then issues with the staff understanding that 4 year olds cannot wait forever for food, and bowling with them takes significantly longer then older kids, it was good.


Maybe I am old-school, but I still love paper invitations. I love the idea that someone gets an actual tangible invite, and not just a Facebook request to an event (though I have done this in the past!) I love the idea of people having to call and say yay or nay, and making that sort of connection with another person.

If I had more creativity, I would have found away to make these myself. However, Etsy provides me with the creativity that I lack. This particular seller, Snuggles N Kisses has a variety of Cat in The Hat themed products. The invitations were a hit with the kids, and with the parents too. She has a selection of other themes to pick from- all which are exceptionally well done!


Pinterest was my friend. I gathered great ideas, including some mild jealousy that I was not able to host at home (a Cat in the Hat theme candy buffet? DIY Pom Pom’s? Hanging Dr Seuss quotes?), I was able to get some basic ideas on what I could do to make it look more festive. Aside from the green tinge I turned at not having a larger space to host in, I was able to figure out how to get the most impact, with minimal items.  Since we were at a bowling alley, I skipped on things like Cat in The Hat Plates cups, or banners, etc.

I ended up with two fabulous Cat In The Hat table cloths, which I complimented with some red napkins. I had plans for centrepieces, but ran out of time!


 I found a fabulous idea for Thing One and Thing Two cupcakes on Pinterest, and decided that it would add the extra oomph I needed. They were perfection! The kids devoured them (thanks to a great friend who gave me a fabulous Red Velvet Cake recipe!), and they looked stunning.

Aside from the fabulous blue cotton candy, the cupcake liners really made them stand out. Another fabulous find from Snuggles N Kisses!

Treat Bags: 

This is where I focused the bulk of my attention. Each bag contained an eraser, a pencil, a kaleidoscope, a personalized coloring book with party information on it, crayons, and a small bag of fabulously decorated sugar cookies. I also purchased the tablecloths from these vendors.

I struggled with these vendors on Ebay; particularly one who somehow managed to find my old, OLD mailing address. We had a bit of disagreement, but the items came in time, and all of them were to be had.

The bags, from what I was told were a huge hit with the kids afterward!


Again, since we were lacking in the decoration department, I decided to find some cute shirts for the kids. I was directed to Lilikoi Lane, who was phenomenal to work with. She communicated well about sizes, patterns, and other things I assume customers have had questions about in the past. I placed my order on a Thursday night, and received it the following Tuesday. I nearly fell over when I saw it in my mailbox! Highly recommend her!

Aside from the fabulous customer service, the shirts were adorable. Potato wore his to the party, and insisted on wearing it the next day which was his actual birthday. While we won’t necessarily be able to wear it out and about, he can use it at home to play in. Girlie’s definitely suits her, and her personality, and will be worn over and over until she grows out of it!

It was a great day, and this theme was one of the best ones, and easiest ones to execute! Potato is still talking about the fun he had with his friends, the cupcakes that he insists must be a daily staple in his diet (ha!), and how he wants to have a birthday every year….

For more ideas on this theme check out Pinterest!

2 thoughts on “The Cat In The Hat knows how to party!

  1. Oh, The Cat In The Hat Theme is a great idea! It's always so hard to come up with something good. Wonder if I can convince one of my girls to go for that this spring?

    Happy New Year!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves

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