State of The Deck

At the beginning of October, we were sent a letter by our building Condo Board that stated we needed to clear off the our decks, completely. Why? Well, for some odd reason, they decided to renovate them in October. Which baffled me, as it was getting colder and colder. Snow would be showing up on our doorsteps or decks  soon, and I figured, not being the construction type, that it might make for some difficult deck renovation. But really, what did I know?

Doubts aside, I did a little jig, and excitedly began to daydream about the things that we wouldn’t have to contend with come the spring. No more moldy overhang, no more wasp nest, and no more crumbling layering on the floor (man, when I read that back, it sounds like we live in the ghetto; we don’t I swear). I could consider getting a sand table for Girlie and Potato! Maybe flowers! A herb garden…I’d have to work on my green thumb (which is more like a black thumb of death), but the dreams!

In order to prepare, we had to move all of our deck items into the house. We figured it would be a quick project. So the idea of having the BBQ in our house for a week? Didn’t phase me. All in the name of a prettier deck!

Oh, how naive and lacking in the construction expertise I am.

They started on the other side of the building, the week before Thanksgiving. They did a total of “two days” of  work, but likely accumulated a full 4 hours of work each day. By the end of the week, due to rain, they had torn down the railings, and that was it. So the occupants in those suites, went almost two weeks, with no railings. Finally, last Friday, they “mostly” completed that side of the building. There was enough time to come over the next side (our side) and begin the demolition process.

They went home at 1pm that day.

I began to wonder how the heck I would stop my children from going out, or even worse, The Hubby who routinely sleepwalks, talks and does all manner of bizarre things in his sleep. Then came  the realization that their working times fell directly during both Girlie’s nap times. That would be amazingly fun to contend with, especially if they continued the average work period of two or more weeks.

Of course, the upside of the whole scenario is that Potato would not ask to watch a single bit of television while they were working. He’d be wholly entertained by the workers.

BBQ in the house still in house two weeks later? Messed up napping, stressing about a potential sleep walker taking a dip? It sounds like a scene from a comedy.  Good thing The Hubby and I are adding to the annoyance hilarity by taking bets, and giving each other textual run downs on the daily tasks. It’s actually quite entertaining to see the pace at which this project is taking.  Potato has taken on the role of Project Manager. He gets quite annoyed when they don’t work faster, and often says, “Why is he not doing anything? He needs more jobs!” Potato will run to the kitchen and tell me when a new set of tasks has occurred. As far as he is concerned, this is the best thing to happen outside his window.

There are, generally three men working at any given time. One who works hard, and does the majority of the work, one who works slower then Potato would, and one who literally does a task, checks his phone, sits down, and has a break. It repeats like this for the entire duration of the day. I have yet to see him get up on a ladder, rip anything down, or do anything other then hand his co-workers a piece of wood.

Yesterday, the one with the phone shot a video of his coworker using the lift. He did this every single time the lift went up. He giggled like a little school girl, and stopped only when he noticed me watching from the window. I’m sure my face was stuck in a position that said, “Really?” It wasn’t scary enough to put him into working mode though, as he continued to watch his coworkers renovate while he checked his phone for important messages regarding how to work faster. No?

Yeah, I didn’t think he was waiting for that either.

October 29th: 

Our BBQ is a current fixture in our house, and if we get the snow we’re scheduled to get next week, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll spend the winter sans deck. At least we could BBQ in the middle of winter, though we may need to work out the safety hazards first.  Work is at a complete standstill today. My guess that they had until Halloween to accomplish the full project may be wrong. Perhaps I will get a railing on for my birthday? 

Stay tuned for more drama as the State of The Deck unfolds.

Slowly. Reaaaally slowly.

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3 thoughts on “State of The Deck

  1. My sister just had a notice they were to have all their decks cleared off for Nov.7th. In Saskatchewan. Yeah. Good luck doing that in the snow. I have yet to hear if it happened or not lol.

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