A Birthday for Iggle Piggle

For Girlie’s birthday, a relative gave us an Iggle Piggle doll from the children’s show, In The Night Garden.  Honestly, when I opened it, I literally yelped, “Ugh!” Call me ungrateful, but the doll legitimately creeps me out. For weeks, it sat on the counter. I told The Hubby to take it back to the store, and allow Girlie to pick a different toy out. He refused – he has a thing with not returning gifts. So it sat for a few more weeks. Much to my dismay.

Let me explain. I’m not that parent who returns gifts willy nilly. A gift is a gift. However, there are occasions where gifts should be returned. Like when we were given a ball pit and live in a small 2 bed room apartment. Or those damn toys with a million pieces that you end up losing half of the first time you dump them out of the box. Or toy guns (we have a no gun rule in our house) and loud noisy toys. Usually, the course is that The Hubby and I have an epic debate on whether or not we should return, give each other the evil eye for a couple of days for not letting the other win, and finally we come to a conclusion. The Hubby has run undefeated in this process, meaning, we have yet to actually return any of the unnecessary, ridiculous gifts we or the kids have been given.

The ball pit sits in our storage room, and has for 2 years now. Unused. Taking up space. In our small condo, where we are lacking in space already.
No, I’m not twitching!
Okay, maybe a little.

Anyway,  this present actually didn’t fall into those categories. Actually it falls into the, “That show is so pointless, it’s creepy”…And the doll, of course, was creepy as well. If I were a kid, I’d likely have nightmares about this character and the others that are prominent in the show.

Imagine my dismay, when someone (The Hubby,,,not pointing fingers or anything) left the bag containing Creepy Iggle Piggle and his red blanket, in a reachable place. Reachable, of course to Potato.

It was love at first sight for Potato Why? Does love ever have a real reason for happening? It’s just there. My eyes twitched as I cut the creepy doll out of the package, making sure to explain that it was actaully Girlie’s toy. Potato looked at Iggle Piggle, his eyes gleaming with excitement and adoration. He then called out to his sister,

“Deeeeedar? Do you like Iggle Piggle?! I love him, just so you know. I will let you have my toys, and I will take Iggle Piggle. Okay, is that a deal?” 

I tried not to laugh, and took Iggle Piggle from him gently, and said,

“Potato, let me give it to her. If she is not interested in him, then you can have him.” 

Girlie looked at the doll, hugged it, and in Girlie fashion, threw it on the ground, and ran away, giggling somewhat maniacally. Maybe she knew how creepy the doll really was. I won’t lie, I had a proud moment, mostly because I imagined that she thought the doll was ridiculous and so weird. Maybe she didn’t.

She’s also 15 months old…I digress.

That was the beginning of their friendship,  Potato and Iggle Piggle. Potato would tuck him in  for naps, nurse him, read to him, talk to him when he had been bad, ask for bedtime snacks for them both at night, and so much more. I’d walk by his room to see who he was talking to, and he’d be having a full on conversation about school with Iggle Piggle. Something I still had been yet to coerce him into doing. I would eavesdrop just so I could get a glimpse of the world he was immersed in while at school.

 I decided not to fight their love any longer. It’s been a month since he found Iggle Piggle, and despite my predictions, he still very much in love with the doll.

Two days ago at bed time, Potato came up to me as I was doing some bills and paperwork.

“Tomorrow is Iggle Piggle’s birthday”, he announced.

Looking up from the stacks of papers, I smiled,

“Oh is it?” 

“Yes, Mama, it is. He’s my very best friend. Can I make him a cake?” 

I did a quick review of our baking cupboard in my head before I answered,

“Yes, we can. After school tomorrow. Now get back to bed, please”. 

The next day, we did exactly that. Potato made a huge mess as we baked Iggle Piggle a cake. Potato excitedly told me that it was a surprise, and Iggle Piggle loved chocolate cake. We discussed his day at school as we mixed, and measured. He told me about his new friends, and the things they all did at school. He told me about the things he learned, and that he just loved school.

As we baked a cake for the doll I thought was beyond creepy, I got to bond with my sweet Potato, and listen to him share so openly. I wondered if I should thank Iggle Piggle. Nope, that would be weird.

I put the cake in the oven, and walked over the flour covered chair that Potato was standing on. I wrapped my arms around his little body and said,

“Potato, I love you. You are a good friend.”

He snuggled in a little closer and said,

“Mama, I love you too. And you are a good Mama”. 

That night, we feasted on spaghetti (Iggle Piggle and ironically, Potato’s favorite). We decorated the cake, put in three candles, dimmed the lights and sang happy birthday to Iggle Piggle. The look of glee and delight on Potato’s face will never leave me.

That doll still creeps me out. I still hate the show (and refuse to let him watch it), but I’m sorta glad that Potato found a friend in Iggle Piggle.

Potato is still the sweetest, most thoughtful kid I know. I hope he never loses that.


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