I Made It Monday: DIY Chalkboards

I’m terrible at routinely doing these themed days or months; who knows why I even bother, but nonetheless, it works out on days like today. You know, when I have something to actually show you that I made. Crafty I am not, but I wish to be. Give me a recipe and I will perfect the hell out of it. I can bake, but I am not the Martha Stewart, amazing crafty type.

The Supplies. Including the Super Glue I figured I needed.
 I didn’t. 

In an effort to be more budget friendly, and to fill the oh so bare walls in our house, I’ve spent several weekends thrifting to find my inner vintage diva (she’s there, I know it), and see if I can find the same steals that others seem to walk out with. In terms of home decor, I’ve struck out. In terms of cute shoes, and accessories? I’m winning. Seriously, some of the shoes I have found are to.die.for.

Ahem. Anyway.

So, my efforts to bring a little character to our home have been somewhat thwarted. I’m honestly too impatient for some of the more intense DIY projects that others do, even though I turn green with envy when I see how cute it is, or how awesome it is. On the same hand, I’m too cheap to pay someone to do it for me, so …there’s the rub.

My BFF did this project  first, so I called her up to see how successful the idea was. She declared it was easy, cute, and super fast.

All, perfectly up my alley.  So I leave you with, DIY Chalkboards.


Adhesive Chalkboard (Dollar Store or Craft Store) 
Picture Frames (make sure they are the hanging type), any size or color. 
Chalk (not the big jumbo kind, you’ll see why below) 


1. Pull the picture frame apart, on the back of the adhesive chalkboard, measure the size of the GLASS.
2. Cut Chalkboard.
3. Place on the glass, smooth out, and reapply if necessary.
4. Place back in frame.
5. Doodle, do whatever you need, etc.
6. Repeat on other frames.

Done. All DONE.  No, I’m serious. Now you can go and get a coffee, pat your craftless self on the back and decide where you want these bad boys to hang. I chose this weird wall in my kitchen above the sink that really couldn’t hold any precious artwork. It’s perfect, really.

Forgive the poor picture, terrible writing,
but you needed to see these guys in action!

The best part? I spent 4.25 for all of my supplies. That’s IT. I literally have decor that will change as I feel, and looks amazing. Aside from the wonky writing because I was trying to write pretty with jumbo sidewalk chalk. I’m quite proud of my thriftiness too. Thrifty and crafty? Yeah, that’s me.

There you have it, I made these, on a Monday, with my own hands.

Now, go, and do it too.


2 thoughts on “I Made It Monday: DIY Chalkboards

  1. I just put my up in the kitchen below the clock! Looks amazing.
    I went back and got the adhesive white board, more frames and some dry erase crayons from WalMart and those are going by the front door!
    I bought Mounting Tape at the $ store too, because I am lazy and hate hammering things in the wall!

  2. Ahhh this is SUCH a great idea! Lol, I'm like you, I go to Target or T.J.Maxx to try and find cute stuff for my house, but then I get distracted by all the cute clothing and accessories, and blow my $ on that instead. So I too have been wanting to fill up my ugly white walls, so I think I might try this!! It looks really cute 🙂

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