Turning 1…Happy Birthday Girlie!

Has it really been a year, my sweet, sweet, Girlie?

 It feels like just yesterday I was bouncing on the birthing ball, counting through contractions, deciding whether to call your dad at work, or not. It feels like it was just yesterday that I pushed you out into the world in a matter of minutes. It feels like I just looked at you, stunned, and exclaimed, “Oh you are here, you are here my darling Girlie”. It feels like you just latched onto my breast for the first time and nursed for almost 3 hours with minimal breaks; I should have known this was foreshadowing for how attached you would be.

Brand new, meeting the world. 

 We’ve had our ups and downs. You introduced me to a whole new level of maintenance . I struggled with your constant demands, and how often you cried. I tried everything to make you happy. We saw the doctor for thrush, we went to a homeopath, and had cranial-sacral appointments. I went on a sugar free and dairy free diet for 2 months.  Some of the things worked, some of it was just time,and growth. Whatever the case, you were determined to stretch me as a parent, as a mother, and make me just a little bit better. A little bit more. Despite all these things, you brought me, your father, and brother so much joy. Your tiny smiles. Your alien like laugh… I could go on.

You steal my heart. 

You have this big personality; so unsure of the world, but so sure that you know what you want. You speak your mind and aren’t afraid to let everyone know what you want or who you want. It’s been a blessing and a bit of a trial for us, but I hope you never lose that trait. The world needs more well spoken, self assured women.

You love your brother more then life itself, I’m sure. No one told me how it would melt my heart a million ways to see you look at him like the sun and moon rises and falls with him. No one told me it would make me laugh watching you follow him around, and try to be just like him. I’m sure this will be something that continues as you get older, and I hope you both always love each other as much as you do now.

Oh Girlie, I wish I could slow time down, and go back, and soak in the moments a little longer. This year has flown by in a rapid speed. It doesn’t seem fair but I’m learning that this is how life works.

I love you my sweet. You are a joy, a blessing, and our family would not be the same without you. I love you so much. We all love you so much.

 Happy 1st Birthday!




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