If you find my mind, please return it?

1. Mama D returns to work.

Why yes I did. It was a semi-snap decision, but also when I realized that my EI was about to run out, thus meaning the end of my maternity benefits, The Hubby and I weighed our options. Since his “promotion” was still in the making/wehavenoideawtfisgoingonwithit, we figured, that it would be best for me to head back to work. So I did. I’m back where I was before, different location, great staff, and way better hours.

As for the family, the transition has been tough. Girlie is very much attached to Mama in every which way. I was unsure how she would do once I returned to work, but it has thus far, been okay. Only two shifts where she needed to be fed, and one where I begged The Hubby to bring her to me. Potato seems to be having a rougher time with it all though. He breaks my heart when he ask s me not to go to work, or if I live there, but I know that this is just a phase, and we’ll all get settled into a routine that works. Luckily, The Hubby was able to change his hours, so we didn’t need to find childcare. There are some days where we see each other for all of five minutes, but the extra money in the account has been a nice bonus 😉

2. We got a NEW (to us) car!

Thanks to my parents we were able to get a second vehicle. I’ve named her Lucy Caboosey, and I adore the freedom she has brought me. I no longer have to schedule everything on Dalen’s day off, or drive Dalen into work at 7am, or do a million trips back and forth during the day. It has simplified our life is so many ways.

3. Potato met Thomas The Train

I’ll have to do up an entire entry this week for this, since it was a fabulous day, but a couple weekends ago, we met my parents halfway, and Gramma and Grandpa B took Potato to see Thomas. The look of shock and wonder on his face was incredible.

4. Girlie is trying to standing, talking, and generally adores her older brother.

11 months as of the end of this month. I’ll be planning her birthday celebration soon; it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. She’s a super crawler, and thankfully, is not walking. She will occasionally say, “Hi”, she says, “Mama” and she babbles a bunch. She’s so sweet, despite her diva attitude (which I adore). She has been cruising the furniture for over a month now, and has been trying to stand on her own, in the middle of the room. She’s done this successfully too.

Between all of these things, we’re finding time to hang out with family, do my volunteer thing, bake, try to keep the house in a basic state of  “cleanliness”, and a couple other things that my brain just simply won’t allow me to remember at this moment.  We’re here. And I promise as soon as I can get my brain running properly again, I’ll go ahead and begin routine posting again.

Until then, I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying their version of spring!


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