A Review and A Giveaway: BubbaGoo: Scentsational Suds and Stuff

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to write an actual entry; we have been busy, but the real reason, lays with my beloved, NEW laptop that crashed. That, and returning back to work. We’ve been busy, really.

However, what better way to start back then to start with an epic review and giveaway. I promise, you’ll love it, and for a couple clickity clicks with your mouse, you’ll be able to enter! Read on!

Last fall, The BFF introduced me to the world of homemade laundry detergent. We attempt to keep our house as chemical free as possible, especially with Potato and Girlie hanging around. When it comes to laundry detergent, I had figured that I would be stuck with that “hippy” smelling scent on our clothes OR no scent whatsoever, and a detergent that didn’t do the deep cleaning that you need with a preschooler, a baby, cloth diapers and a husband who works in a car shop.  I tried a bunch of brands, some that come wildly recommended, some not so much. We found a couple that work well with the cloth diapers, but not regular clothes, or vice versa. Having to buy two separate, expensive types of detergents? Not so fabulous.

More then anything though, I missed the scents. I love me some good smelling…anything, really. Truth be told there is NOTHING better then climbing into a freshly laundered bed, with new sheets, that smell like you could eat them. Truly, I believe there is nothing better.

Okay, maybe cake. But we’re not discussing cake right now.

One day, after I went to pick up a diaper that I’d purchased from a friend, she snuck in some samples of the new laundry detergent she was going to be producing and launching as a business. I nearly passed out from inhaling the delicious samples she’d given me- Lovespell and Watermelon. I used them immediately on a load of laundry that needed to be done, and I’ll be honest, I was hooked. Great smelling laundry? And it gets clothes and diapers looking BRIGHTER? Done and SOLD!

BubbaGoo officially launched her site earlier this month, and sells “Duds Suds” in a variety of scents. The actual detergent  does not contain harsh chemicals, phosphates, SLS, parabens or phthalates. Even the scents that she uses to make them smell divine are phthalate free. Which means, you can use it on all of the clothes in your house, and be rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals!

You can purchase a single bag for $13.50 (Canadian) and add extra scent for $1.50. Or you can do my personal favorite, and get two bags for $25.00 with added scent for $3.00 more. There are also cute magnetic scoops that can be purchased for $3.00. Be warned if you are buying, and having to have the product shipped, you will pay a bit more. The owner has said that she is currently looking at ways to offer better rates for customers, but in the mean time, you can always get around the higher shipping costs by getting a bigger order and sharing the BubbaGoo love with some friends- split the cost, the scents and the shipping!  If you live in Lethbridge, she offers delivery twice a week!

I personally ordered 4 bags; Pina Colada (I requested this bad boy, and let me tell ya, IT’S amazing!), Lick Me All Over, Exotic Peach, and Jellybeans. When I got the bag home, I ripped open every bag to smell the contents, and well, I couldn’t contain myself so I decided to try it out in our steam/carpet cleaner (we do not use the chemically laden carpet cleaners).  We’ve been fighting the stale, dog, winter, child smell in the condo as of late, and even the more expensive brand of detergent that I was using on the carpets wasn’t even beginning to touch the musty smell. Potato happily decided that Jellybean was to be used first…

Within 20 minutes of being finished, aside from the delicious smell, the carpet looked remarkably fresher, brighter and the smell that’d we’d been fighting was gone, Success! 

The other day, I tried it in our dishwasher, just a tiny bit, and a bit of vinegar for rinsing, and the dishes came out clean, and the house again, smelled like yummy peaches.

Of course, the main function of the laundry detergent is for laundry; We’ve used it on both our clothes, and cloth diapers. My diapers are brighter; stains that I thought I’d have to sun repeatedly, are definitely lifting and are significantly lighter. Our clothes smell amazing, and even though the detergent is “green”, it still works wonders to lift stains out, even ones that The Hubby brings home from his work.

Seriously, you want to try this stuff, I promise! Besides the smells, this is one remarkable product. It’s made with love by a simply fabulous work at home Mama.  If I haven’t managed to sell you on this uber yummy product, then perhaps you’d like an opportunity to win yourself a free bag, in the scent of your choice. Follow the instructions and rules below:

How to Enter:  
(must do both in order to qualify for ONE entry)

1. Like BubbaGoo on Facebook. Once you have done that, tell her who sent you and what scent you’d love to see her carry in the future!

2. Leave a comment below with your name, and contact information, and the reason why you’d like to win this bag of delicious Duds Suds, and what scent you’d choose from her list.

Extra Entries: 
(must do both to qualify for ONE additional entry)
1. Follow our blog! We love new friends, and well, if you add me now, you have a chance to win something super awesome! However, you choose, just link us up! 
2. Re-post this giveaway in your blog, and link up BubbaGoo while you’re at it! 

Contest will close on Monday 12pm MST, winner will be announced on our blog, and will have 24 hours to contact us regarding shipping information, and scent choice. A new winner will be drawn if no contact is made. Contest only open to those in the US or Canada.

(If you aren’t the gambling type, check out BubbaGoo’s website and order some Duds Suds today! )

6 thoughts on “A Review and A Giveaway: BubbaGoo: Scentsational Suds and Stuff

  1. Debra deb.tol @ gmail.com

    I use cloth diapers and am always open to trying a new detergent! I'd choose unscented (I know, boring) because I have chemical sensitivities to many fragrances.

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