Vacation Hangover

Our week away from Hell our home town, led me down a path that, I fear there is no returning from. If you know me in real life, you’ll know I have a grandiose distaste for the place we currently reside in. Not the building, but the actual city. From the lack of opportunities for our family, to the many times this city seems to have chewed us up and spit us back out for some rabid dog to regurgitate, my love for this city diminished many, many years ago. Likely around the time, it was cool to have those pocket pets.

Needless to say, we’ve stayed here for one reason, or excuse. The Hubby grew up here, and as I’ve come to realize that the men who grow up here, have some sort of insane magnetic, can’t let this place go attraction to our town. You’d think that our city/town/hellhole is this marvelous place to live, and the truth is, it will never be much more then a small town trying to be a big city. I remember one occasion where we were deciding if a move was a good idea, and we opted not to because for The Hubby, this place was home. A few years later, and The Hubby has crossed over from the Dark Side, and is on board, with eventually moving. Sooner then later, even.  But for me, it will never been soon enough.

Can you tell how much I hate it here?

The Playground AKA Potato Heaven

This past week, we took a long jaunt up to visit my parents, who live in my hometown. I grew up there, and while I don’t LOVE it there, I do love the familiarity that comes from being somewhere that was “yours”. I was afraid, that my distaste for our current living arrangement would unravel even further, and I’d be dragged kicking and screaming back to our home.

Needless to say, we spent the entire week, always having something to do. Maybe because it was vacation, we were more busy, but I’d like to think it was due to the sheer fact that I could throw open my laptop, and google something of interest, find a location, price, time, and go. Doing that here will only prove to find a whole lot of nothing, and generally leads to Sunday mornings spent debating what to do- “visit the pet store for the umpteenth time?”

From the Waterpark (if you see Potato in the coming months, ask him about this adventure), to the “seals” at The Mall, to the multiple visits to indoor playgrounds, we were never at a loss for something to do. Other activities could have included a visit to the Science Centre, to a movie, or to a number of wave pools throughout the city. That, and the beauty of being in one of the biggest malls in the world, and running randomly into one of your best friends. 

The Hubby and Potato

As our days in the Big City ran out, I remember saying to The Hubby that this was the first time in all of our trips that I was actually going to miss the city. It was so fabulous having so many resources at our finger tips, and being able to just pile into the car, knowing, we’d find something that was kid and family friendly. Coming back home led me to have a sense of dread, knowing what we were walking back into, knowing what was waiting for us.

But perhaps, that’s what happens when all good vacations come to an end.

The trip was nice, and it really was, despite the fact that I have a deep loathing for the city in which we reside, nice to get home, and get back to life. The kids were out of sorts biologically when we were there, and we have spent the last couple of days sleeping in, and enjoying some quiet time at home.

One day, we’ll perhaps live in a place that we can call home, and be able to say that we actually enjoy our living arrangements, and city. Until then, I suppose I should attempt to pretend to enjoy this town.

Or I’ll just dream of our next escape where there will be fun things to whenever we so desire. Dreaming…


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