Since my last post, I’ve sat down in front of the computer multiple times. I’d start a post, but then halfway through, lose sight of what I was trying to say. Or I’d find that I really didn’t want to post it. So I didn’t. Forgive my lack of sharing. Besides the writer’s block (self-imposed or not), our little family has been insanely busy.

I love baking mostly on Mondays, because it allows our family to have some treats or goodies for the remainder of the week. A plus side, like I’m always saying, is that Potato LOVES to bake.

With the new diet, it’s been tougher to find replacements for things that require sugar. The replacements sometimes just don’t cut it because the recipe needs something to be made a specific way.I decided last night that I really wanted to see if I could find a variation of sugar cookies. It is coming up for Sugar Cookie season, and I’d like to have SOMETHING to make so Potato can decorate. 

Honey has been my go to sugar replacement. It’s yummy, it works in most baking, and it leaves a lot of my baking moister then with regular sugar. However, I’ve found that some recipes, like I mentioned above require that granulated sugar in the baking process.

Upon my searches for sugar/honey cookies, I found this recipe for Honey Sugar Cookies. To my delight, the white sugar was fairly minimal, and it felt like something I could work with. Off Potato and I went to experiment.

I followed the recipe to a t, and they turned out nicely. I omited the extra sugar this gal says you should use to roll them in, and just left them plain. Potato requested we ice them, so I found a sugar cookie icing on my favorite recipe site. That I did alter, instead of milk, I used almond milk, which added to the almond taste of the icing. I used slighly less sugar then required, and instead of using corn syrup to “loosen” up the icing, I added more milk. I was really hoping to go for more of a glaze. A pink glaze, actually, at Potato’s request.

So, all in all, there is a bit more sugar in them then I’d like, but the recipe is good. It’s like honey roasted almond graham cracker. DELISH!

While I’m not sure it would double as a regular sugar cookie, the end results were good. I’m sure they’ll be gone in no time!


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