Turkey and Thanks.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m going to do one of those cliche “grateful” posts.

Honestly, the last year has been a complete whirlwind. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Thanksgiving, yet, here we are again, doing it all over. So much has changed, some good, some bad, but really it’s all mostly been good.

While we’re all enjoying our Turkey feasts, let’s remember to take a moment to really reflect and appreciate those things in our life that we are truly, absolutely thankful for. To help get your wheels turning, here’s a couple of mine.

The Hubby

Of course he is the one thing that I am most grateful for. Sure, sometimes he makes me twitch because of the ridiculous things he does, sometimes we have our off days, sometimes weeks. Yet, in the end, he is an incredible force in my life. He’s a fabulous father to our children, and he works so very hard. I feel incredibly blessed to have him in my life.

Potato and Girlie

Ah, my two beautiful, amazing, sweet little children. Every single day I look at them, and am so grateful that I have them. They fill my life with smiles, laughter, hugs, and kisses. I know the other side of this coin so well, and there is not a day in my life that I don’t think about how grateful I am that I have these two stunning children in my life. I am so blessed to be a Mom.


Several years ago, I lacked solid friendships. I mean, I was social, I knew a lot of people, but I didn’t have that Sex and The City (c’mon, every girl wants a group of best friends like that) group of friends. This year has shown me, that true friendships when put to the test, will come through and be stronger. I’m so lucky to have friends like Krystaface and K, the kind of friends that will be there through thick and thin, who can say it like it is, and who love me for me. Of course, I feel the same. Besides those two, I am surrounded by an extraordinary group of women who bring out the passions in me, who make me want to make the world a better place, and who inspire me. When it comes to friends, I am truly, truly a lucky gal.


Well, most of the family, right? My Mother and I have begun to reestablish what has often been a rocky relationship, this year. This has been a trying, and challenging experience. We’re two entirely different people, with very strong opinions. We love what we love, and we are fierce in our passion about those things. Luckily, we’ve towed a decent line. We have our moments, but the truth is, it’s working. My Dad and I, despite our issues in the past, have just picked up our relationship where we left off. A couple nights ago, I called to rant to my mom about a frustrating situation. My Mom wasn’t available, so I ranted to my Dad- the one who I usually talk hockey with, or other small minute things. He listened, he comforted, he ranted with me, and it was good. I am grateful for having my family in my life, and I know my kids will one day be grateful for it too. The Hubby’s family are also a huge part of our life too, and we’re lucky to know that they are close by whenever we need them.

There are many other things that I am grateful for, but I won’t take up an entire post detailing them. So folks, try not to eat too much turkey, remember to give thanks, however you do it!


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