A Busted Foot, Graduation, and More Baby Prep!

I’m sure I’ve repeated this half a dozen times or more over the last couple of weeks- I cannot believe how fast time is going. I cannot believe that here I am, at 35 weeks, and literally weeks away from having ANOTHER baby. My head is spinning from the complete chaos! Our little family has been set on cruise control since middle of April, and it doesn’t look like much will settle down until September!

This past weekend was no exception. Of course, the klutz in me decided that we were not going to have a busy enough weekend, and busted out the big moves in order to make sure the weekend was a little more complicated for us! The Hubby argues that the universe seems to think that in every pregnancy, around this time, I enjoy making trips to the hospital (referring to my stay at the hospital whilst pregnant with Potato for gall bladder issues). I think either way, it sucks 😛

On Thursday, last week, as we were walking out of the mall, I took a huge fall. My ankle did something all sorts of wonky, and well, it meant a trip to the hospital. By the time we reached the hospital, my foot had swollen up something fierce. I was bleeding, ruined my FAVORITE capri pants and I had mascara running down my face. 3 hours later, we found out that I had a Grade II sprain, and a possible tendon tear based on my pain. (Pictures included to show massive swelling)

Did I mention I’m 34 weeks pregnant? Oy.

We attempted crutches, but any woman who has been pregnant can attest to the fact that your centre of gravity WITHOUT crutches is bad enough. I think I could go about 10 feet without feeling like I was about to tip over, OR actually falling over. So I ditched the crutches, with hope that I could at least safe myself some humiliation.

Needless to say, the injury couldn’t have come at a worst time. Brush aside the fact, that I was then, 34 weeks pregnant, and add a family function to the mix. There was going to be no resting for my poor foot.

The Hubby’s little sister graduated from high school (as the Valedictorian!) and it was indeed a busy day. The afternoon was full of makeup – she asked me to do it for her- family pictures, LOTS of mosquitos and bites to go with them, and then of course, rushing to the actual ceremony.

Unfortunately for us, Potato didn’t do so well at the dinner. We ended up having to leave just as dinner was ending, and the minute we were out of the building, his demeanor calmed down immensely. While we waited for the rest of the family to return, we were entertained by a goofy and charming Potato, as we browsed through old yearbooks for fun.

My Boys: Prior to escaping before Potato stole the show with an epic meltdown

It’s amazing how days like that just go by so fast. I’m sure for The Hubby’s parents, the day was even more of a blur. It really was a nice weekend altogether, and my sister in law looked absolutely stunning. I am sure she made some amazing memories that night, and will remember them for the rest of her life.

The rest of the coming weeks are busy, busy too. From volunteer activity for me, to organizing the house for the baby, to BBQ’s, Father’s Day and the like, we’re just a show that keeps going. I’m thisclose to being finished everything that needs to be done for this little one- I have a bookcase to organize all of my cloth diapers, I’ve sorted all the gender neutral clothing, and aside from washing the diapers, finding some baskets (and labels) to organize them, as well as getting a couple of other items, we’re good to go.

Cloth Delight! I scored these amazing Bum Genius Knock Off’s (Kawaii) on Freecycle- 17 of them, in AMAZING condition, for FREE. I may or may not have sat admiring them for over 45 minutes.

I can’t believe that I can actually say, in a month, we’re going to have another baby. The Hubby is more calm and collected about this then I am- he’s confident we’re going to be amazing. I, on the other hand am a little bit terrified. So until I can wrap my head around the concept of TWO children, I’m sending my little one a letter saying that he or she can lengthen the stay for as long as necessary.


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