Productivity for the WIN!

Pregnancy does a number on me. I spend most of the first 3 months lurching from my bed to the bathroom, and back again, hoping that the next day will be the end of the Evil Morning Sickness. Sadly, I’m not one of those lucky, glowing, loving pregnancy types. As a result, everything in my house takes a turn for the worse. Any energy that I do gather ends up being spent either at work, or with Potato. There is nothing left by the end of the day, no matter how many dishes are in the sink or how much laundry there is left to do.

Luckily, this time diclectin has helped me function somewhat. Now that I’m out of the first trimester, I’m seeing my symptoms relent a bit, and I’ve been feeling a little bit more normal. Food aversions are still there, but I’m not feeling like everything, including the air around me is going to make me hurl.

Bless the Hubby for taking care of Potato. As much as the lay off has put us in a less then desirable situation, it’s bene a real blessing to have him around when I’ve been so sick. He’s been phenomenal with Potato, and I know Potato enjoys this time with Daddy.

Much to my chagrin though, The Hubby is not the most motivated person in the world when it comes to household chores. I swear when something like chores need to be done he develops temporary ADD. He will find ANYTHING and everything to avoid doing the smallest task. It’s just who he is. Like any man as well, he believes a job to be finished when there are still things to be done. So as a result, all the little things I used to be able to do on a daily basis have fallen by the wayside, and well, my house is in less then pristine condition.

Another Mama I know suggested a week long productivity challenge, and I have to say, I think it’s a fabulous idea. Since I still run out of energy fairly fast, I love the idea of assigning one task per day to accomplish. Things that I’ve been putting off, or haven’t been done for awhile. It’s sort of a run up to the “Official Spring Clean”. Or it’s the beginning of what becomes my neurotic obsession with lists, and weird things that I feel HAVE to get done around the house whilst pregnant.

So here’s my list for this week. Between work and appointments, I think my list is pretty doable, and tame. Next week, when I have more time off, I’ll tackle bigger things, like reorganizing our bedroom!

Sunday – Reorganize the cupboards in the kitchen. Pack away any things that we aren’t using, or donate the rest through Freecycle.

Monday – Spot wash the walls.

Tuesday– Clean out the linen closet and throw away any junk in there (ORGANIZE!)

Wednesday – Wash the windows, especially the one in the living room.

Thursday – Sort through the “junk” drawer.

Friday – Figure out what to do with my books- pack them away, sell them, or find a suitable (and hopefully FREE) storage solution.

Saturday – Go through the bathroom and sort through toiletries. Throw out anything that’s expired.

So, anyone care to join me? It doesn’t have to even be household chores. It can be something like finally returning those way overdue library books, or returning a dish to a friend, or finishing off that sewing project! Either way, at the end of the day, at least you can say, “I crossed that one thing off my list, go me!”


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